For Current Students

The Student Handbook

The Program Handbook provides current information and links to important documents, forms, and websites.  Students will find information about guidelines for thesis projects and for writing the thesis.  

Program Handbook for 2019-2020

Graduate school requirements

 Formal coursework for the M.S. degree varies according to the field of study, interests, and career goals of the individual graduate students.

  • Elective courses from supporting fields may be taken in disciplines other than Stem Cell Biology.
  • All requirements of the M.S. degree program must be completed and the degree awarded within a maximum five years of initial enrollment.
  • As per Graduate School requirements, at least 2/3 of course credits must be taken A-F. A minimum GPA of 2.80 (on a 4.0 scale) is required for courses included on any official master’s degree program form.

For details about the stages of the program, and the process of completing the degree, consult the Program Handbook for 2019-2020.

Visit the Current Student Toolkit hosted by the Graduate School for more helpful resources.