Suggested courses for students in Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs

Stem Cell Biology (SCB 8181)
All course faculty are also faculty of this training program. Course material includes: Embryonic stem cells; biochemistry of pluripotency; neural and hematopoietic stem cells; cell production and renewal in muscle, kidney, pancreas and liver; limb regeneration. Stem cell-related ethical and legal issues; clinical cell therapy in selected areas.

Advanced Cell Biology and Development (GCD 8161)
Covers current concepts of and experimental approaches taken to understand basic mechanisms of development. Topics include: Model organisms, Embryology, cell fate determination, differentiation, pattern formation, polarity, cell migration, and cell interactions. Much of the course work is done by analysis of original research articles.

Molecular Biology (BIOC 8002)
Material covered includes: Structure/stability of nucleic acids, genome organization, chromosome mechanics (including DNA replication, recombination, and transposable elements), mechanism/regulation of gene expression, including transcription, processing, and translation, genetic/enzymatic controls, cell cycle controls, and regulation of development.

Optional courses

All students must complete one of the following electives, 3 credits:

  • GCD 8151 - Cellular Biochemistry and Cell Biology - 3cr - Fall
  • GCD 8131 - Advanced Molecular Genetics & Genomics - 3cr - Spring
  • PHCL 5110 - Introduction to Pharmacology - 3cr - Fall
  • BMEN - 5041 - Tissue Engineering - 3cr - Fall
  • BMEN 5351 - Cell Engineering - 3cr - Fall or Spring
  • GCD 8008 - Mammalian Gene Transfer & Genome Engineering - 2cr - Spring
  • NSc 8211 - Developmental Neurobiology - 3cr - Spring
  • MICA 8004 - Cellular and Cancer Bioloby - 4cr - Spring
  • MICA 8003 - Immunity and Immunopathology - 4cr - Spring
  • BIOC 8401 - Ethics, Public Policy and Careers - 1 cr - Spring (S-N)
  • BTHX 5325 - Biomedical Ethics - 3 cr - Fall or Spring

Research Conference and Journal Club

Trainees are expected to attend the Stem Cell Institute's weekly Research Conference and Journal Club, and to present at one of them during the course of each trainee year. Credit can be earned for conference attendance.

Current conference schedules:

Contact Lauri Andersen ( for information about how to register for credit.