Frequently Asked Questions

What is the T32 training grant and what is its purpose?

The training grant is a 5-year award from the National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS) of the NIH. Its purpose is to provide state-of-the-art research training in stem cell biology to pre-doctoral graduate students.

How many positions are available on the training grant?

Four pre-doctoral positions are supported by this training grant.

Who is eligible to apply for a position on the training grant?

All individuals supported by this grant mechanism must be US citizens or noncitizen nationals (permanent residents). Students on temporary or student visas are not eligible. Pre-doctoral students must be enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Minnesota, currently work in the lab of a T32 faculty member, and be in good academic standing. What are the criteria for acceptance into the program?

Criteria include the following:

  • Academic credentials
  • Strong interest in stem cell biology research and a desire for a research career
  • Desirable personal characteristics, including integrity, perseverance, and communication skills

What is the level of stipend support for trainees supported by this grant?

Pre-doctoral stipends are set by the student's graduate program. NIH provides a set amount; any amount over the NIH funded level to match graduate program level must be funded by the faculty mentor’s non-sponsored funds.

The training grant can supplement tuition/fees, health insurance, travel, and trainee-related expenses. Exact amounts for each item are available upon request.

What are the expectations of the trainees?

Trainees are expected to be committed to full-time research training. Trainees will be expected to regularly attend Stem Cell Institute seminars and journal clubs. They will also be required to present one journal club or one research seminar each year. There are required courses in stem cell biology and one elective that can be chosen from a variety of areas. Responsible Conduct of Research will be covered in the training program, and trainees in the 3rd year or beyond in their graduate program will be expected to attend and present research at a national scientific meeting.

Who is the faculty mentor that are listed on the grant?

Rita Perlingeiro is the Director of the training program. Additional training faculty are listed on the program information page.

Can additional faculty members participate?

Additional mentors may be added, based on the research interests of trainees (e.g. trainee has a research interest outside of the current mentor research expertise and identifies an individual he/she wishes to work with). These individuals must meet the criteria outlined in application, including an extramurally funded, independent research program and a strong interest in providing stem cell biology research training.

Interested faculty members may apply by submitting the following to Dr. Perlingeiro:

New faculty must be approved by the training program steering committee as well as at the NIH program level.


Training Faculty/Mentor Application