How to Apply

Who is eligible to apply for a position on the training grant?

All individuals supported by this grant mechanism must be US citizens or noncitizen nationals (permanent residents). Students on temporary or student visas are not eligible. Pre-doctoral students must be enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Minnesota, actively work in the lab of one of the Training Grant faculty, and be in good academic standing.

What are the expectations of the trainees?

Trainees are expected to be committed to full-time research training. Trainees will be expected to regularly attend Stem Cell Institute seminars and journal clubs. They will also be required to present one journal club or one research seminar each year. There are required courses in stem cell biology and one elective that can be chosen from a variety of areas. Responsible Conduct of Research will be covered in the training program, and trainees in the 3rd year or beyond in their graduate program will be expected to attend and present research at a national scientific meeting.

What are the criteria for acceptance into the program?

Criteria include the following:

  • Academic credentials
  • Strong interest in stem cell biology research and a desire for a research career
  • Desirable personal characteristics, including integrity, perseverance, and communication skills.

How do individuals apply to the program and what is the application deadline?

  • A call for application is sent out to Training Grant Faculty every year.

A complete application must include the following:

  • Application form
  • A cover letter describing the status of their graduate training (i.e., years in the program, completed requirements and remaining requirements, expected date of completion).
  • A copy of their undergraduate and graduate school transcript.
  • A statement of career goals and how support from the Training Program will help to achieve those goals.
  • A one page description of their thesis research project that highlights the how this project will advance studies of Stem Cell Biology.
  • A list of publications completed or in press. This can also include Meeting abstracts and presentations.
  • A confidential letter of recommendation from the student's thesis advisor that specifically assesses the student's interest and potential in pursuing an independent research career in an area related to Stem Cell Biology. 

These materials should be submitted to Rita Perlingeiro by e-mail at

Deadline for receipt of application materials is typically, late May - early June. Decisions are made in July for traineeships beginning at the end of August.