Confocal Microscope

Confocal Microscope

Confocal MicroscopeEmbryoid body with cell nuclei labeled with DAPI (blue), endothelial precursors labeled with CD31-Alexa 555 (red) and early hematopoietic progenitors labeled with CD34-Alexa 488 (green).

This is a Zeiss Axioskop 2 upright microscope with a Biorad 2000 laser head with several objective options, including:

  • a Zeiss 20x Plan Apochromat (N.A. 0.6),
  • a Zeiss Plan Neofluar 40x oil phase (N.A. 1.3),
  • the world class Zeiss 63x oil Apochromat (N.A. 1.4), and
  • a Zeiss Plan Neofluar 100x oil phase (N.A. 1.3).

The scope has 3 lasers and is capable of excitation in a number of wavelengths:

  1. tunable 15 mW argon laser can excite at 514, 488, 476, and 457 nm;
  2. 10mW He/Ne that excites at 543nm
  3. Red 637 nm for APC. 

The PMTs are selectable with the appropriate mirror and band pass filter. Experiments can use all three PMTs in a single pass.

This instrument has the capability of the standard FITC, PE, Texas Red, PerCP, Cy2, Cy3, ToPro3, APC, and numerous other fluorophores.

Fluorophores: Filters and mirrors


PMT-1 Mirror PMT-2 Mirror PMT-3
100% Det-1
500 DCLPxR
560 DCLPxR
100% Det 2/3
100% Det-2
560 DCLPxR
650 DCLPxR
100% Det-3

Emission or band pass filter PMT-2
E 570 LP
E 600 LP
HQ660 LP (BLD)


Emission or band pass filter PMT-1 Emission or band pass filter PMT-2
HQ 442/45
HQ 476/48
HQ 485/30
D 488/10
HQ500 LP
HQ 515/30
HQ 530/60
HQ 515/30
HQ 550/60
HQ 545/40
E 570 LP
HQ 590/70 (BLD)
HQ 600/50 (BLD)
E 560 LP

Consultations on applications are available.

Training is required and is available by appointment.

For information, scheduling, or training please contact:

Sue Keirstead

Zeiss Fluorescence Inverted Microscope

Zeiss Fluorescence Inverted Microscope

This microscope has a camera attached for taking pictures from culture dishes, plates, and flasks. The main scope is a Zeiss Axiovert 200m fitted with a matched Axiocam 4 mega-pixel camera. The scope is bright field, dark field, and phase capable and can take pictures of DAPI, FITC, PE, and PerCP in sequence with the automated setup.

The following objectives are available:

  • 2.5x Plan Neofluar (N.A. 0.075)
  • 10x A Plan Phase 1 var. (N.A. 0.25)
  • 20x long working distance A Plan (N.A. 0.3)
  • 40x Plan Neofluar phase 2 oil (N.A. 1.3), and
  • Long working distance 40x Achroplan phase 2 (N.A. 0.6).

With training the scope is easy to use. Training is by appointment only.

Contact for training:
Sue Keirstead

SCI Microscopy Core

SCI Microscopy Core