SCI has the following equipment available for researchers to use:

For information, scheduling, or training please contact:

Sue Keirstead

Facilities in SCI managed by University Imaging Centers

The Stem Cell Institute has acquired miR inhibitor libraries from Exiqon as a shared resource for cell-based screens. The libraries contain 1972 miRCURY LNA human miR inhibitors and 1624 LNA mouse miR inhibitors.

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If you are interested in using this resource, please contact:

Michael Kyba

Stem Cell Institute laboratory safety plan

The Laboratory Safety Plan (LSP) for the Stem Cell Institute is available for download in pdf format. The appendices of this document can be accessed by clicking on the link on the last page of this pdf file or by clicking here: http://www.dehs.umn.edu/ressafety_rsp.htm.

Please note that the LSP on the Department of Environmental Health and Safety website is a general LSP and is not customized for the Stem Cell Institute.

Lab-specific safety training

Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that all lab personnel receive lab-specific safety training. Documentation of this training must be on record in the lab.