Mandatory Lab Safety Training

It is important that everyone who enters a laboratory knows and understands certain safety procedures. There are different levels of required training:

  1. to have access to the McGuire Translational Research Facility (MTRF),
  2. to work in a laboratory, and 
  3. to work on projects requiring specialized knowledge.

Access requirements for MTRF and SCI laboratories

Step 1: Obtain your x500. This is your email address and online University identifier (for example x500 = goldy001; email = Students, staff, and faculty are automatically assigned an x500. If you are a volunteer or a student from another university, your department must request an x500 for you (and request and sponsor your U Card).

Step 2: Obtain your U Card. You need a U Card to enter the MTRF without an escort. Obtained your U Card in person at a U Card office. If you are a volunteer, your department must sponsor a U Card for you.

Step 3: Request Building Access: Research Building Management Services manages the MTRF. You will need your U Card to request access.

Step 4: Your supervisor must approve building access for you. They will need your student/employee number, U Card number, and the yellow Smart number printed on the back of your U Card. They will complete the access approval form and determine when and where you have access.

Step 5: Successfully complete online training through ULearn. You will need your x500 to access training at ULearn. If you are a guest or a student who is not paid by the University, you will need to first create a ULearn account. Lab safety training can be found under the tabs "Health & Safety" and/or "Research Education." Lab safety training is required by both the Office of Homeland Security and the University of Minnesota Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

For building access, you will need to successfully complete:

  1. (OH1000) Bloodborne Pathogens: Introduction
  2. (EH3001) DEHS Radiation Safety Orientation Training

To work in the laboratory, you will need to successfully complete:

  1. DEHS Introduction to Research Safety Training
  2. DEHS Chemical Safety Training
  3. DEHS Chemical Waste Management Training
  4. Lab-specific training from your principal investigator or laboratory supervisor within the first week of work/rotation. Ask about what additional training you will need.

Examples of types of additional training required for projects working with:

Biohazardous material - (EH8131) Biological Safety in the Laboratory
Animals - (IC1003) Animal Use Tutorial
Human samples - (OH1001) Bloodborne Pathogens: Advanced
Radioactive material - (EH3002) DEHS Radiation Safety for Radioactive Material Users Training
Controlled substances - DEHS Controlled Substances

Step 6: Verify U Card with building staff. After you have completed training, bring your U Card to the MTRF information desk to have one of the staff members verify your card. Access to the building is given after training has been verified.

Step 7: Introduce yourself to SCI staff. Lauri Andersen, Associate Administrator, room 2-208, and Jesse Browers, Lab Manager, room 2-214. Your picture will be taken and posted on the lab board.

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