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SCI Director talks about regenerative medicine funding

Minnesota Regenerative Medicine website is in the works!
We'll post the link here when it's ready. Thank you!

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Great links to information about University of Minnesota research and medicine:
UMN Health
Inquiry, Exploring University Research 

Adjacent Possible Grants Awarded
Inaugural Year 2014-2015

The Stem Cell Institute awarded four one-year grants for collaborative projects that bring researchers together across University departments.

James Dutton, PhD
Anannya Banga PhD
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
collaborating with
Melanie Graham, MPH, PhD


Karen Echeverri, PhD
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
collaborating with
Mark Masino, PhD

Nervous System Regeneration

Susan Keirstead, PhD
Integrative Biology & Physiology
collaborating with
Rita Perlingeiro, PhD

Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy 

Walter Low, PhD
collaborating with
Perry Hackett, PhD
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

Parkinson’s Disease

Cracking the Code...Diabetes a Top Priority

Read about Stem Cell Institute research for diabetes.

Grants for Spinal Cord Injury Research

Dr. Ann Parr awarded CTSI and Wings of Life grants for her work.

 "It is time to lose the hype without losing the hope."

 University of Wisconsin faculty and lawyer Alta Charo writes about the problems with medical "tourism" for unproven stem cell therapies. You may also want to read the "Patient Advisory on Medical Tourism" put out by a group of reputable scientific organizations.

Stem Cell Institute Leadership

Learn about the vision for the University of Minnesota's Stem Cell Institute. Director Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, addressed the faculty, staff, and students of the SCI in January 2013.




Stem Cell News

Patients worldwide are eager to tap into the regenerative promise of stem cell therapies, but caution is needed. Legitimate research carefully focuses on patient safety and treatment effectiveness. It takes time and science to prove that a treatment really works. Read how scientists in Italy are fighting to protect patients from unproven and predatory treatment methods in this Nature article "Taking a stand against

Retina in a dish. Researchers at Johns Hopkins use adult stem cells to take another step forward in regenerating eye tissue.

SCI Weekly Research Conference Schedule

The Weekly Research Conference will be back Fall 2014!






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